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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Project 333

I love fashion and style and beauty.  I shop less than I used to but still too much.  I am constantly whining (I think whining just awful, but I do it) to my husband that I have nothing to wear for x event or even just to go to work.

Enter Courtney Carver and Project 333.  Courtney is a minimalist inspiring people to live off of 33 items (including outerwear, shoes and accessories) for 3 months.  I learned about this project in July and was inspired instantly.  I cleaned out my closet and dresser packing away 108 total items! I sent everything off to charity and admired my clean closet and even an empty drawer in my dresser.  I have to admit, since I have done this, I have like everything I have worn for the past 2 months.  It is a breath of fresh air.  I wear my favorite clothes everyday! People at work have complimented my outfits and I don't look like I am wearing the same thing everyday. 

October 1 starts my first official Project 333 cycle. View my fall wardrobe in progress on Pinterest, user Coribeth80 Aside from just donating some old fall clothes I will be sure to carefully choose only 33 items to wear until the new year.  My plan is to take photos of my outfits to show you that 33 is plenty and you will look fabulous.  You old ugly standbys will be gone.  Wear your cashmere sweater and pretty shoes!  They are not bringing any joy to you sitting in your closet waiting for a special occasion. 

*Thank you Etsy for the photos of my vintage boots.    

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